Support Jesus' work at Branch Life Church

Thank you for giving generously to the work God is doing through Branch Life Church! Your gifts make a powerful difference in our church, our community and our community as we help families in need!

Below you'll find four ways you can give.

Four Ways to Give

1. Give Online

Give once or set up a recurring gift.

Please consider setting up a recurring gift.

A recurring gift is a great way to regularly give to God's ongoing work!

Thank you for prayerfully considering the amount God would have you give this way!

When you are settled on that amount, Click the button and follow the prompts to set up your account and recurring gift!

2. Drop of Check in-person or By Mail At our Worship Center

Boxes are available in the auditorium and welcome area; please drop your gift in one of the boxes (checks and labeled envelopes will be added to your giving record) or mail them to the following address.

Branch Life Church

780 Pughtown Rd.

Spring City, PA 19475

3. Giving Stocks & Investments

There may be tax advantages available to you if you give to Branch Life out of your investments. See our posts–The Benefits of Donating Appreciated Stock & IRA Required Minimum Distribution to Charity for more information. If you would like to speak with someone about giving to BLC in this manner please contact Drew Gysi, the head of Branch Life's finance team.

4. Give to our Expansion Fund

We believe God is directing us to expand our facility to reach more people. Help us fuel this effort with your generosity.

Thank you for giving to the Lord through Branch Life Church!

All donations for which no goods or services are received are tax deductible.

Branch Life Church will seek to use all designated gifts for the purpose the donor desires, as long as that purpose is in keeping with the purposes, policies, and philosophy of the church. However, in order to ensure compliance with applicable IRS rules and state law, we reserve the right to remove any designations and restrictions on any gift(s) when such removal is deemed to be in the best interest of the church. Branch Life Church also reserves the right to refuse any gift in its sole discretion.