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Prayer has great power as it is working!

Join Our Prayer Team

The Branch Life Church prayer team is made up of people from all over the world who pray for the health, growth and multiplication of Branch Life Church. Since the start of BLC, in April of 2019, these prayers have made all the difference as we pursue our dream of starting or saving 15 churches in 15 years in the greater Philadelphia area and throughout North East!

It is a big dream and that is why we need a big team of prayers!

When you click the button below and enter your e-mail you'll begin receiving regular prayer updates (about every other week). Your job is to pray as you read each update. Once you've prayed through the e-mail your free move on with the rest of your day!

It is awesome encouragement knowing over 1,000 people receive these prayer updates. We feel it!

Thanks again for praying on behalf of BLC.

Josh Park

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