The Next Steps in Re-Gathering as a Church at a New Place and a New Time!

Announcing the Branch Life Church Pughtown Campus and our Re-Gathering Plans **Update Outdoor and Online Worship Now Happening at 10am**

Because people have different needs and comfort levels right now our aim is to provide a variety of options to help to reach people and strengthen our connection to Christ.

No one knows what the next few months will look like, so we are constantly evaluating and updating our plans using the following values...

  1. The safety of our families, kids, volunteers, community and those at risk
  2. Respecting the guidelines of our God-given state, local and federal leaders
  3. Sensitivity to our community's needs, perceptions and concerns
  4. Continuing with and investing our online worship
  5. Pursuing multiple Sunday morning worship options
  6. Re-Gathering in phases

Below is the re-gathering plan the BLC leadership has prayerful put forward seeking to balance the priorities of safety and spiritual health. Please, join us in praying that the Lord would use this time to use Branch Life Church to reach people during each of these phases as we to preach Christ, love one another, reach others and plant churches. #forpottstown



On June 26th the governor advanced our counties to the green phase which means starting on June 28th we'll have the following options for our Sunday worship.

  1. 9am Outside at the Branch Life Pughtown Campus (weather permitting).
  2. 10:30am online (Facebook, YouTube, Website)
  3. On-Demand anytime

Outdoor Family Worship 10am

Re-gathering on Sunday mornings for Branch Life Church a new time (10am) and a new location (The Branch Life Church Pughtown Campus is south from Pottstown on rt. 100 just past the Owen J. Roberts High School: 780 Pughtown Rd. Spring City, PA 19475)

Because we are in the process of adopting PBC, renovating that auditorium and due to safety concerns during pandemic we will not be able to meet inside for several months. However, we do have plenty of field space for outdoor gatherings (weather permitting) which we believe offer a safer environment for worshiping together.

During the Summer Months Our, Out-Door, Family Worship will be...

  • Weather Permitting (We will worship online any week If the weather is bad).
  • Social Distanced (smile and wave, smile and wave)
  • Useing Face Masks when not able to maintain Social Distancing
  • The same content as online (music, prayer and bible teaching)
  • Family Worship (Babies stay with their families Pre-school and Elementary have a Branch Kids).
  • About 45minuets in length.
  • Family seating 6ft apart or at designated areas for in-car worship or canopy, tents or beach umprellas.

Online Worship 10am (Live Hosted)

We’ll be continuing the Online Worship indefinitely, even once we’re able to gather in person for Sunday worship. We understand it may be some time before everyone can gather in-person again. For anyone who is unable to join us physically on Sunday mornings we will continue to invest in and improve our online worship. We are thankful for this tool that can connect us all during a time of social distancing and also reach people any-time, in any-place, virtually!

On-Demand Worship Anytime

If your were unable to worship with us in-person or at the live hosted worship time you can participate in worship anytime online through our YouTube channel or through the card.



Once our area has been in the green stage through most of the summer we will have a much better handle on how to safely introduce indoor worship and kids ministry. We will also have had the time needed to complete the building renovations and transition of the Pughtown facility into the first Branch Life Church Campus!

At this point we will likely offer multiple Sunday Morning, in-person, worship gathering including safe and appropriate options for kids worship, continue to offer and improve our online worship option as well as seed to build for the future as we work to multiply disciples, leaders and churches.

If the need should arise for churches to once again pause our unperson gatherings we will continue to utilize our online worship to strengthen our connection to Christ and reach our world!



Given the limit on gathering sizes in the yellow phase, church home groups will provide a vital source of community during this transitional time we are calling "church together at home"

  • Church Home Groups are small groups of people who gathering together in homes Sundays to worship through the Branch Church Live Stream.

  • Those who are comfortable are encouraged to invite friends, neighbors, small group members to gather for a time of fellowship and worship on Sunday mornings. Each home will decide for itself what social distancing measures they are comfortable with. 

  • After participating in the Branch Life Live Stream, Church Home Groups will be given an opportunity to close out their worship in prayer together.


In Yellow Phase small groups (of less than 25ppl) are permitted to gather while practicing the aproprate safety and social distancing practices. Here are some tips to help out.

  1. The 25 person limit includes Kids (small groups are good)
  2. Plan for the kids have something to do during the live stream. (coloring books, legos etc...)
  3. If meeting outside use you're iPads, phones or computers to live stream.
  4. Invite someone new to your home to watch the live stream.
  5. Don't feel obligated to sing with the live stream. Not singing is less award and safer.

Church Home Groups are informal and organic gatherings. We hope you'll take the initiative to invite others to worship at home with you. For those who are not yet ready to gather with others we completely understand and look forward to worships with you on the live stream.


During the worst months of the COVID pandemic our small groups, youth groups, kids ministry and Sunday gatherings moved 100% online.

Our church continued to be FOR POTTSTOWN by partnering with area programs working to help those in needs. Along with our area partners (Pottstown Area Children's Foundation, Women on the Move Ministries, The Genesis Pregnancy Center, etc...) we have served 3,000 meals to Pottstown area kids and families. We also assisted in the relief efforts for the 50 families displaced due to the Ashwood Apartment Fire on July 30th.

Our Sunday Morning Gathering are Live Hosted at 10am each week and are available throughout the week "on demand" via our website and YouTube Channel

Website Live Stream:

YouTube Channel:

Facebook Page:

On Demand:

We will be 100% online when our Pennsylvania counties are in designed to be in the "Red"


While we are very excited and thankful that God has opened the door for the launch of the Branch Life Church Campus we must remember while this is an important step the building is simply a tool in helping the church fulfill its mission.

One important lesion we must never forget is that THE CHURCH IS NOT A BUILDING.

The church is so much more that a building or a Sunday gathering. We must be carful that our attention must never be taken off of the mission to make disciples not even by a building. So what is the church? The church is a community of people following God and loving neighbors together. In other words, the Church is God's people working together every day of the week outside the walls of a building to love God and love our town.

To that end Branch Life Church remains committed to be FOR POTTSTOWN and the greater Pottstown area. Each person, each family and each branch group working to make a difference for good as we strengthen our connection to Christ and reach our world!