The Problem Of God

Is God real? Is the Bible the Word of God? Join us as we answer big questions about God and Faith.

The Problem Of God

What Big Questions Do You Have About God and Faith?

Questioning is defined as asking someone questions, especially in an official setting. Do you ever question The Problem of God?

What if God was real? What problems would arise with sin, Jesus, miracles, the Bible, religion, and so forth? How could we know the absolute truth to these answers?

The Problem of God is a study through the Book of Acts, answering life’s questions that arise when questioning God and His existence.

The Details

  1. Problem of God is a nine-week study that starts on Sunday, April 9th, and ends on June 11th, 2023.
  2. Services are available in person and online at 9:00a, 10:30a, and 6:30p.
  3. Safe, Fun childcare is available for kids elementary-aged and younger.
  4. You'll be welcomed in the parking lot by our friendly greeters and have the chance to grab a coffee on your way to the auditorium.

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