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The Christian life is not meant to be an isolated experience. Rather, the Bible teaches that the Christian life is lived better together as the church—a local body of believers, the family of God, in covenant community.

Church membership is our way of identifying and affirming who joins together in covenant community with Branch Life Church.

Join the Branch Life Team and Become Member Today!

Step 1

Attend A Welcome Party or Starting Point Class where you'll meet our pastors, other church members and learn what we are all about.

Step 2

You can fill out your membership application whenever you're ready. (We encourage couples and families to fill out their individual applications at the same time!)

Step 3

All prospective members will be encouraged to attend new members class or meet with a pastor to go deeper into the vision and values of Branch Life Church and to learn what the Bible teaches about the church. (We covered this information in our Church Matters Series in August of 2021)

Step 4

Celebrate! Once the membership process is complete we'll celebrate you as a new team member during a Sunday Morning worship service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I was on the launch team or core team member before the Grand opening on September 12, 2021 do I need fill out the Membership Application?

A: Yes. In order to become an official member of Branch Life Church as outlined in our constitution you'll need to transition from "core team member" to official "team member"!


Q: Do I have to become a member to attend or serve at Branch Life Church.

A: Yes and No. Anyone can attend our worship services, groups or events and service in many areas of the church. However, only members are eligible to serve in some teaching, leading and oversight rolls.


Q: Does the Bible say I have to Join a church?

A: While the New Testament writers never say "you must join a local church." We believe every letter in the New Testament teaches that every one of Jesus's kids are to be an active member of a local church. You can't do life or grow spiritually God's way without the church. The church needs you and you need the church!


Q: Can anyone become a BLC Team Member?

A: No. Only those who have been born again (saved), been baptized as a believe and who affirm our Doctrinal Statement and Covenant can become BLC Team Members.


Q: Will my membership be voted on by the entire church?

A: No, The Oversight Team has been tasked by the church to affirm and remove Team Members. We will celebrate with the entire church when you become a Team Member. It is worth a party!


Q: What Are BLC Team Members required to do?

A: BLC Team Members worship together with the church, serve regularly, give generously and reach others by praying, investing and and inviting those far from God to know God.


Q: Why should I Become a BLC Team Member?

A: For spiritual growth, for community, for accountability but mostly because we need you and you need us! WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER!


"And He gave" are three of the most powerful words in all the Bible. We know God gave his only son so whoever believes in him will have eternal life. But God kept giving!

Ephesians 4:11-12 says "And He gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ (the church)."

When you join a church God gives you a multi-generational community where you'll find encouragement for you and your family. In other words, you'll belong to a team where you'll help one-another grow deeper and reach farther!

The church is not a club, a building or a Sunday service, it is a team! You are invited out of the stand and onto the field. Let's do life Better Together!